New! The Duh/Great Potato/Great Cabbage Awards

Buck and Joan Emberg need your help.

We are in the process of collecting dumb statements by politicians and other people in places of leadership in the community.

At the moment we are calling it the "Duh...Award" for the greatest and funniest and worst statement by anybody. No holds barred.. we mean any person in leadership in the community. We are neither party nor gender specific; just trying to develop a satirical aspect of the newspaper which will be coming in the future.

  1. We need to know who said it.
  2. It must be quoted from a local, Australian or international source.
  3. The date must be produced.

For example: Mildred Gutwind said, "We do not have to worry about fog problems on the East Tamar Highway." Source: Experator Newspaper, 7 February 2009, page 3."

We will be giving the "Duh" Award as they come to eye. We then expect them to be featured in the various ways possible.

Please send your "Duh" contribution to Buck and Joan Emberg at