Court appearance for smoke flare in politician's office


8th December, 2008

Dear TAP Members,

My absolute heartfelt thanks go out to all members for their unwavering support leading up to my court appearance after letting off steam (a non-hazardous smoke flare) in Michelle O’Byrne’s building back on June 5, World Environment Day.

To those who attended the proceedings today, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and for your generous contributions to defray costs.

I can put it behind me now knowing what I did had to be done, not just for me but hopefully for all other respiratory sufferers and as well to let the forest industries, the government and the opposition of the day know they cannot keep on with these harmful and disgusting forest practices which are being thrust on to us without any say.

Well I had my say; carrying the title Clive Stott PN  (public nuisance) is, under the circumstances, a small price to pay.

If I promise to be good, what are the chances of being able to wear this lovely TAP tee shirt?

Thank you one and all.

Clive and Annette Stott

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