Is Gunns Ltd Reliable?

Is Gunns Ltd Reliable? has been updated (as of 8 October 2010) with a new category 'Economic Management' and 230 statements from ex CEO John Gay, present CEO G. L'Estrange, Gunns Ltd, and State and Federal governments relating to the planned pulp mill in the Tamar Valley. 

Pulp and paper expert Dr Warwick Raverty, reached the “sad conclusion that Gunns is not a fit and proper company to build a pulp mill anywhere” in Tasmania (14 March 2007). That conclusion is supported by the record of statements in Is Gunns Ltd Reliable?

Its purpose is to help potential investors assess Gunns' competence to build and operate one of the largest pulp mills in the southern hemisphere. It illustrates the political, economic and project risks for investors in Gunns' proposal.

The statements have been collated by TAP Research from media reports, documentaries and publications from 2004 to the present and are hyperlink referenced for easy checking. It will be updated periodically as new evidence emerges.


Download the 22 page pdf document, updated 8 October 2010, from below.



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