Gunns Pulp Mill Start Date Announcements. How many different start dates can you find?

A company report listed on a Federal Government Web site this week revealed that construction was scheduled to start in February 2006 with a mill commissioned by mid- 2008. 17 December 2004

Gay expects approval in August and a likely start in September. It will take around two years to build. 19 May 2007 The Australian

"We fully expected we'd never build a pulp mill in Tasmania and really believed we would have to move outside Tasmania to finish the project." John Gay. May 19, 2007 The Australian

"We've actually been able to build a mill that will meet all environmental guidelines" John Gay 30/07/2007 ABC 4-Corners "Grist For The Mill".

Gunns chief John Gay is "95 per cent certain" construction of his company's $1.9 billion pulp mill will begin in the Tamar Valley next week. 28 August 2007 The Mercury

He confided yesterday that all being well, if he gets approval from the Feds in October, the board would then consider the project and, assuming it flashes the green light, it will be under way in January. 18 September 2007 The Australian

John Gay asked on ABC Radio when construction of the mill could begin he replied: "Very shortly, weeks." 5 October 2007 The Australian

Just last week, executive chairman of Gunns, John Gay, told ABC radio's AM program that he hoped to start building the mill within weeks. 9 October 2007 The ABC

 A Gunns spokesman says the company is looking to start work on the mill within two months, if the board gives the project the final sign off. 9 October 2007 The ABC

Gunns spokesman Tony Harrison said the company was still hopeful it could begin work within six to eight weeks. 10 October 2007 The Age

Mr Gay said he was confident that construction of the mill would commence in January. "We are working to a timeline of about six to eight weeks and we have no issues at all with the state or federal conditions imposed on the mill." 23 October 2007  The Sydney Morning Herald

Gunns hopes to start building by June, with the mill to start production in July 2010. 29 February 2008  The Age

"It's all on schedule and it will go ahead," Mr Gay said defiantly this week from Gunns headquarters in Launceston. "There is nothing holding Gunns up now. March 03, 2008 The Mercury

"The mill was initially a 12-month approval process through the Resource Planning and Development Commission; I remember thinking we would be able to start in 2005," Mr Gay says. "It's now 2008, nearly five years on from the initial dinner and we still haven't begun." March 03, 2008 The Mercury

But yesterday Mr Gay said the mayor was mistaken in his timelines. He said the mill was on track to be operational by July 2010, because the new 30-month timeline started from January this year, when the first land clearing permits were granted.  March 21, 2008 The Mercury

The company said yesterday it remained confident of beginning construction in August or September. ‘‘There is no delay,’’ a Gunns spokesman said. JUNE 18 2008

Gunns nominates 4 August 2008 as the start date of construction for its water pipeline to the planned $2 billion Bell Bay pulp mill. Up to 50 properties are in the path of the $50 million pipeline but several landowners said they would not be selling.  25 June 2008 The Examiner 25 June 2008

Gay noted this week's announcement by the Tasmanian government to extend the pulp mill sovereign risk agreement until November 30 and said Gunns expected to start construction of the mill before then. 4 July 2008

Gunns does not expect principal construction activities to commence before the first quarter of 2009," Mr Gay said. 29 August 2008 The Mercury

"Gunns cannot state with certainty that such a structure will be achievable, nor can it provide an assurance that the mill project will proceed." August 29, 2008 The Mercury

Timber company Gunns has admitted for the first time that it's controversial Tamar Valley pulp mill may never be built.  August 29, 2008 The ABC

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