TAP in 2019

tapvison.info is still up after 12 years! In 2019 the Tamar Valley is a healthy and happy place to live. Free of the polluting pulp mill that Tasmanian politicians needed so desperately to prop-up their fake economy. The two major parties have been sabotaging the economy for so long that elections are just competions over who manages debt.

In 2018 we saw record-breaking heatwaves similar to the summer of 2016 that bought drought, bushfires and energy shortages to Tasmania. It's obvious there was never going to be enough water to supply Gunns pulp mill. Later in 2016 drought turned to floods and people asked 'when will politicians stop changing the climate by exporting coal and wood chips'? Forestry Tasmania (STT) actually 'sterilise' our forests by burning them every 70 to 80 year rotation to make them easier to log on the next rotation.